West Henderson at a crossroads: New people, infrastructure and investment intersect in the emerging employment hub of West Henderson, NV

February 11, 2021

Passing through an intersection in West Henderson, NV, these are a few of the people on the road to a great day:

Joe the truck driver is headed with a full truckload for the Port of Los Angeles. Because of West Henderson’s close proximity to California, he can make it there and back inside a day without having to stop for the federally mandated 10-hour break. That’s great for Joe, and thanks to affordable backhaul rates, great for shippers, too.

Caitlin is on her way to work at the West Henderson Amazon fulfillment center, glad she doesn’t have to commute to Las Vegas anymore. West Henderson’s emergence as an employment hub has been a real boon for city residents, providing expanded vocational options here at home.

Jason is headed for his job at the Las Vegas Raiders headquarters and performance center in West Henderson. The Raiders’ relocation from California has been a win-win for Jason—less traffic congestion, lower costs of housing and higher quality in schools and recreation.

Tim, a construction foreman, is on his way to a job site, confident in the knowledge there is ample work ahead. Construction work is continuous in West Henderson, with year-round sunshine and dozens of building projects in the West Henderson pipeline.

Different people, different paths, all intersecting in West Henderson for different reasons—diversity that’s driving West Henderson’s growth in an area where population is expected to increase from 12,600 to 63,000 by the year 2050.

As advantages converge, West Henderson rises.

“So many vital factors converge and merge in West Henderson,” explains Derek Armstrong, Director of Henderson’s Economic Development and Tourism.  “First, we have large tracts of yet-to-be-developed land. Second, we have a location that’s within a day’s drive of Southern California as well as the Phoenix and Utah markets. That encompasses a population of 61 million people. Finally, you have a far-sighted city investing in infrastructure, while welcoming business with pro-growth policies and the lowest tax rates in the region. West Henderson is ripe for industrial growth.”

Many observers point to the construction of FedEx’s 290,000-square-foot ground center as the start of the West Henderson boom. Since then, warehousing/distribution space has proliferated, with more than a million square feet created for just two companies alone: Amazon and Kroger/Smith’s Food and Drug, which services stores in a four-state region from its West Henderson distribution center.

“Again, it’s a confluence of factors, from consumer demand to just-in-time manufacturing, that drives the need for ever faster shipping speeds, and that’s inevitably bringing industry to West Henderson,” notes Armstrong.

One of those industries is Haas Automation. A global leader in the manufacture of computerized numerical controls, Haas needed an expansion manufacturing location with proximity to the company’s California headquarters. It also needed substantial acreage to build a commercial complex spreading out more than 4.3 million square feet to accommodate a $327 million manufacturing facility, showrooms and office space as well as buildings to be sold or leased to vendors. West Henderson offered necessary proximity and available land, plus one more critical asset: Affordability.

A higher quality of life that’s affordable, accessible.

Incoming businesses and residents relish Henderson’s lower costs and easy life. In a state with no personal or corporate income tax, the city goes further, offering the region’s lowest property tax, lowest worker compensation tax, lowest utility rates, and housing that is both inviting in selection and affordable in price. For those coming from locales like California, the difference is delightful.

“It’s a real improvement over where we were, in terms of cost of living, in terms of congestion,” notes Mark Baldain, President of the Las Vegas Raiders. “In terms of what people can afford for themselves and for their families, we’ve seen a real increase in the standard of living for our employees. And happier employees make for a happier business.”

Workforce represents another perfect intersection in West Henderson. High quality of life attracts workers while the high caliber of workers attracts more employers like Haas, even as a high population—2 million and growing within a 50-minute radius—meets a higher standard of workforce development with innovations such as College of Southern Nevada’s Advanced Manufacturing Rapid Response Training Program.

And so at the crossroads of a quiet past and vibrant, expansive future, West Henderson moves forward, people head out for a great day every day, while the flow of new industry and investment continues and a green light for growth welcomes all.


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