A Culture of Opportunity

A place of opportunity.

A Henderson location puts your operation ahead of the game from the start: First, with unrivaled access to major Southwestern markets. And second with the climate advantages of Nevada, a state routinely ranked at the top of “best business location” lists, and renowned for low costs, low taxes and reduced regulations. Here, your business can capitalize on significant assets while leveraging the vision and forward-thinking attitude of a state that encouraged blockchain technology from its inception and was the first in the nation to legalize autonomous vehicles.

A culture of opportunity.

While Nevada puts business “on go,” Henderson goes even further to cultivate your business growth with our own commitment and vision. In a low-tax state, Henderson goes lower with property tax rates 30% below the regional average. It’s our mission to help your operation start, relocate or expand as swiftly and profitably as possible.

Aerial view of residential area

And in a low-cost state, Henderson city planning is a high-level game plan. The result is affordable quality for every demographic and every enterprise level, through outstanding public schools, the state’s finest parks program, and a diversity of intelligently designed master-planned communities and mixed-use developments offering beauty and livability at a variety of price points.

Accessible, collaborative leadership.

Development, civic and business leaders all work together here to create the right conditions for synergistic success. Our doors are always open. Your goals and concerns are ours.

Swift action.

Henderson works fast for business. For the Las Vegas Raiders, that meant expediting the site search so experienced and driven construction crews could get a showplace facility up and open in record time. For HAAS Automation, it means getting a workforce up and growing strong through custom assistance by College of Southern Nevada. Henderson thinks ahead and acts now for the future, through strategic planning and investment in areas such public education and downtown redevelopment.

In a place of opportunity our culture of opportunity is a critical competitive edge for enterprise success.