How businesses step up to one-stop workforce success in Henderson, Nevada.

November 15, 2021

Located inside City Hall, the new Employ NV Business Hub provides an unprecedented level of no-cost workforce resources.

At the City Hall licensing office in Henderson, Nevada, business licenses are now issued with something extra: A suggestion to step right into the adjacent office, to a wealth of valuable workforce resources and services available at no cost. The new Employ NV Business Hub, an innovative one-stop center, promises to bring an unprecedented level of connection, ease and effectiveness to workforce solutions—ease that begins with the Hub location in Henderson City Hall.

“Today prospective business owners can step into City Hall with high hopes for their new enterprise and walk out not only with the required licensing and permits, but also with the workforce assistance to help make those hopes a reality,” notes Jaime Cruz, Executive Director of Workforce Connections, Southern Nevada’s workforce development board, which oversees the state’s network of hubs.

While Henderson’s Hub is the fourth hub opened in the Southern Nevada region, it is one of the first to be located inside a City Hall, a decision that is reflective of Henderson’s uniquely dedicated pro-business outlook.

“Adding an Employ NV Business Hub to City Hall is another example of how we strategically bring a culture of opportunity to businesses,” explains Henderson Mayor Debra March. “The hub provides new, growing, and existing businesses easy-to-access help available through the public workforce development system, which can save businesses thousands of dollars in hiring and training new employees.”

A single office that opens many doors.

In today’s economy, workforce has become a pivotal competitive edge, involving substantial investments of money and time, Cruz notes. “That’s why it’s important to get the right person for the right position the first time. And the Hub has the staff, the tools and the resources to make that happen.”

Getting the right fit begins with the first step of connecting employers with the largest possible pool of prospective employees in one stop, which the Hub is well qualified to accomplish with the state’s largest job listing database. “We are a critical connection point between employers and prospective employees,” Cruz says.

Winnowing that pool is equally important. Staffed by experienced workforce specialists, the Hub will also provide pre-screening and assessment. Working with accredited tools like the WorkKeys system and with the ACT® National Career Readiness Certificate, the Hub can identify those prospects with skills critical to 80% of today’s occupations. Cruz also notes that the Hub can also arrange and implement customized job fairs and hiring events.

“The Hub is a truly one-stop resource.”

The Hub’s employer services can be a lifeline to new and startup enterprises, where a human resources staff may not exist. However, as word of the Hub’s effectiveness has spread, larger companies have found that Hub services enhance their own HR efforts in hiring, training and more.

Incentivizing creative labor solutions

In addition to recruiting, screening and hiring, the Hub may also be able to arrange financial incentives for companies that hire Nevadans; for qualified projects, incentives can pay up to $2,000 per job once the employee has been working for at least 120 days. And in today’s tight labor market, Cruz points to incentivized On-The-Job training as another workforce solution gaining in popularity.

“The benefits of hiring people and training them on the job are two-fold,” she explains. “First, it gives employers a much better sense of the employees’ ability and thus creates a better, faster fit between employees and tasks. And second, businesses can receive a financial incentive for giving a Nevadan a chance at a good job.”

While the Hub is already providing vital support to help small businesses recover from the pandemic, Cruz says she’s also confident the powerful connections of this one-stop resource will facilitate growth long into the future.

“We’re stepping up our workforce game here in Southern Nevada,” she says. “And that’s going to benefit everyone.”

The Employ NV Business Hub is open Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


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