Haas Automation

Peter Zierhut in front of machineryPeter Zierhut, Vice President of Haas Automation

In choosing Henderson as the location for a manufacturing facility, Haas Automation is bringing thousands of new jobs to the city: First, there are jobs related to the construction of the 2.3 million square-foot facility representing $200 million in site development investment. Second, there are the 2,500 jobs that the manufacturing facility is projected to create over the next 10 years.

As the world’s largest maker of machine tools, Haas establishes Henderson as a high-tech employment center, which will attract other high-tech companies. That includes some Haas suppliers which the company expects to relocate to the new 4.3 million square-foot complex, thus bringing yet more jobs to Henderson. And all of these jobs will circulate more money in the economy while increasing the city’s tax base, which will bring greater financial support for municipal services like schools, police, fire protection, parks—quality of life, in other words. The company’s presence has already provided the catalyst for a more powerful talent pipeline through the construction of the Workforce Center of Excellence, which will train future employees for Haas and other local employers, creating a robust pool of skilled workers that will be critical to attracting new industry in the future.

New jobs, new companies and new investment that all lead to more money circulating in the Henderson economy and a higher quality of life—which in turn helps to attract more high quality businesses and residents in the future. Haas is a good example of the virtuous cycle of economic development.