Raiders Headquarters makes West Henderson ideal for industrial & consumer space

Well-positioned to be an industrial mecca, West Henderson is currently home to large operations for giants like Levi’s, FedEx and others who rely on one of Henderson’s competitive advantages to Henderson Executive Airport and the I-15 for shipping and logistics. But now, there’s an emerging consumer presence, which is gaining momentum thanks to the Raiders organization who chose the location for its ambitious headquarters and practice facility.

The organization broke ground on its headquarters in West Henderson on January 14, which is set to open before players arrive for training camp in July 2020. Within the Raiders organization alone, they are expected to create 250 full-time jobs and bring an investment of $75 million dollars to Henderson.

“The City of Henderson now has a blank canvas of development opportunity, anchored by a world class organization,” said Jason Otter, director of LOGIC, a commercial real estate firm. “Now, higher end multi-family projects, office developments, entertainment style retailers — similar to Dave & Buster’s — are looking to capitalize on being in close proximity to the headquarters. Without an iconic anchor like the Raiders, that never would have been the case.”

But that’s not all. City of Henderson Mayor, Debra March, noted the economic impact spurred by the Raiders facility in West Henderson has already begun. Stable Development, a Las Vegas-based commercial real estate developer, released plans for “The Village,” a 300,000 square foot mixed-use project that will offer upscale dining and retail options near the Raiders facility, which is evidence that development of this area is in full swing. Now those who work in the industrial sector will have optimal choices for dining out during and after their shift.

“West Henderson is the biggest buzz in the Valley because of the Raiders facility. It’s one of the leading corridors for single family home sales,” said Mr. Otter. “Like the Vegas Golden Knights practice facility in Summerlin, it adds another great entertainment option for families and residents. Because of the area’s livability, people entering the Valley are now considering the Raiders facility as a factor in where they locate.”

Phase one of the headquarters will include a state-of-the-art training center, three outdoor practice fields and two indoor practice fields, office space for the Raiders’ front office, a pool and fan seating. Development of the remainder of the 55-acre parcel is still under consideration.