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Henderson’s team of Economic Development officers are here to answer questions, arrange site tours, and welcome you to the community. Send us a message and we will connect you with a personalized Economic Development Officer to serve as your hands-on guide to relocation or expansion.

Economic Development Team

Ken Chapa
Ken Chapa Interim Director
As Economic Development Officer for the City of Henderson, Ken Chapa specializes in office and industrial relocation
and expansion. Ken’s expertise also lies in the development of dynamic strategies for successful next generation


Cody Walkter
Cody Walkter Economic Development Officer
Cody Walker is the Economic Development Officer for the City of Henderson. He plays an integral role in recruiting
new business to the City of Henderson and leads the City’s one-on-one business retention efforts.


Doug Bene
Doug Bene Economic Development Officer
Doug Bene has considerable experience in recruiting and retaining primary businesses as well as fostering entrepreneurial
activity and small business development.


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