Calling All Startups: Help Us Solve Our Biggest Civic Challenges with STiR

We’ve outlined the seven biggest civic challenges facing our community, thanks to the Startup in Residence (STiR) program. And now we’re calling on the best startups in Henderson and throughout the country to help us! Think you’ve got what it takes? Keep reading!


The seven challenges are:

  1. A tool that facilitates real-time language interpretation for a variety of languages
  2. A tool to predict impact to traffic with new development
  3. A digital platform for residents and visitors to access government services via a smartphone
  4. A digital assistant integration for citizens
  5. An asset management platform for tracking deployment of traffic barricades in real time
  6. A digital asset management system for storage and retrieval of all images, videos and graphics and other media from the city
  7. An engagement tool to increase students walking to school.


Want to participate? Startups are encouraged to apply at to solve one of the challenges posted by the city.


The City of Henderson was one of only 31 government agencies chosen to participate in the 2019 STiR program, which was originally piloted by the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation in 2014 and has now expanded to cities across the U.S. through a partnership with City Innovate. Through the program’s collaborative framework and streamlined procurement process, startups can gain a deep understanding of the challenges identified to close a contract with the city.