Talking About Business in Henderson

There’s a lot to say about the business advantages of Henderson, from low costs to high quality of life, from the dedicated ability of the workforce to the maximum impact of our incentives.  Why not hear it from those who know best? See what business owners and civic leaders have to say about why they decided to locate in Henderson, and how Henderson supports their success.

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"We are able to build the most spectacular state-of-the-art practice facility here in Henderson. It’s a real improvement in terms of cost of living, congestion. We’ve seen a real increase in the standard of living for our employees. "

- Marc Badain, President, Las Vegas Raiders

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"One of the reasons I moved to Henderson, even before I knew anything about the area other than the weather, was the parks system - bike trails, walking trails, the investment of the city in the critical infrastructure that people can use every single day."

- Mark Rauenzahn, Director of Beverage Marketing, Ocean Spray

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"It’s important for us to find skilled people with a passion for what they’re doing. Intelligent people who understand complex systems. We found that here in Henderson."

- Brian Reyburn, Vice President, Firetrucks Unlimited

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"Henderson is an absolutely fantastic community. Roseman chose it specifically because of the environment, the safety of the community, how great it is for families, and its true commitment to education."

- Renee Coffman, President, Roseman University

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"The relationship the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development have with the city of Henderson—the city council and all of the departments in the city—is phenomenal. The collaboration is amazing."

- Sam Kaufman, CEO, Henderson Hospital

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"I feel as though we are part of a giant family, and that we are welcomed, we are appreciated, and we are valued. With those three characteristics, you can't do better than being here in the city of Henderson"

- Shelley Berkley, CEO and Senior Provost for Touro’s Western Division, Touro University


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