5 Things Las Vegas Can Teach RECon Attendees MAY 31, 2018

Las Vegas is known for many things, with novel, unique experiences being at the top of the list. It is, after all, the Entertainment Capital of the World. As retail experts the world over descended upon the city to learn about providing more experiences that get people off their couches and into their establishments, they were convening in a city that is the ideal case study.

On the opposite side of town, Henderson West just received its final approval from the City of Henderson. The proposed plan is zoned for 2,920 residential units ranging from single-family to urban mixed-use buildings, with up to 670,000 square feet of office and retail space and 250 hotel rooms. The 103-acre project is estimated to cost upwards of $900 million, according to the city.

“A mix of uses works,” said attendee Barbra Coffee, director of Henderson’s economic development. “Livable, walkable communities are a great fit for both urban and suburban areas. These mixes can co-exist, and they allow people to work close to where they live and vice versa. These mixes create destinations that are unique enough to attract people.”

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